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May 17 Meeting: Wild Teas

*This meeting will take place at the Kildoo Pavillion at McConnells Mill, NOT Jennings*

Topic: Wild Teas

Date/Time: May 17 at 7:00 PM

Location: Kildoo Pavillion, McConnells Mill State Park - contact us for directions if needed

Description: Relax and enjoy the evening with some wild teas with the Park Naturalist. Nature has a lot to offer, including edible plants. Some of these plants were used to be by our ancestors and are still enjoyed by some today by making them into tea. Not only will you get to taste test the teas to find your favorite, but you will also learn how to make them, about the plants they came from, and collection practices/precautions. You may bring your own snack, maybe a crumpet or two, to enjoy with your tea.

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