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Acts of Service

Volunteer Opportunities

One of the best ways to help is to make a gift of your time and your special talents. If you can help us by volunteering please let us know your skills and how you can best help your park. Volunteering is such a wonderful opportunity to make use of those skills or that knowledge you don’t get a chance to use during your day-to-day activities. Love to bake? Perhaps you’d like to prepare goodies to help raise funds during a special event. Have a penchant for wildflowers or gardening? The Native Plant and Butterfly Trail can always use an extra pair of hands. Like to meet people? How about working at an information booth during an event? Neatness and orderliness your thing? Maybe you’d like to help clean up various areas.


Below are some of the volunteer opportunities we offer every year, in addition to those associated with our projects like the Muddy Creek Oil Field and the Foltz Schoolhouse.


Glacial Ridge Trail Ultramarathon (GRT)

The GRT is an annual event that occurs in May at Moraine State Park and Jennings Environmental Education Center. A major fundraiser for the parks, the event attracts participants from all around the country. 3MJC operates an aid station table at the event to support runners, and each spring we look for volunteers to help run the station. Read more about the GRT here:

Garden Maintenance

3MJC takes care of the Prairie Gateway Garden and various other gardens throughout Jennings. We would love your help! If you have an interest in gardening, please reach out to learn more about upcoming volunteer dates.

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Trail Work, Maintenance, and Other Activites

We occasionally do various park maintenance projects, including invasive plant pulls, trail work, and other activities. In 2023, we will begin a cemetery maintenance program at Moraine. Please monitor our website and Facebook page for details on these events when they are available.

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