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October 18 Meeting: A Bump in the Night

This year we've learned about everything from Route 8's history to the birds and the bees (you know what we mean... get your mind out of the gutter!) - and now it's time for our final meeting of the year! In typical 3MJC fashion, we are sending off the year with a spooky meeting to get you in the Halloween spirit. Join us October 18 at 7 PM at Jennings for our last meeting of 2023!

As always, these meetings are free and open to the public. Feel free to wear your costume or bring some Halloween treats to share!

Topic: A Bump in the Night

Presented By: Jennings EEC Staff

Date: October 18, 2023 at 7:00 PM

Location: Jennings Environmental Education Center

Description: When darkness envelopes the landscape and our vision wanes, unexpected night sounds can send a chill up our spines and cause our hearts to pound.  Fascinating folklore, legends, and stories were created to give meaning to these unfamiliar sounds and explain animals of the night.  Join Jennings staff for an indoor presentation to listen to these nocturnal noises, discover what makes them, and learn to embrace the darkness. 

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